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     Business Summary


S.T.E. Manufacturing Sdn Bhd's core business is in the Design, Manufacture, and Servicing of Conveyor Systems, Factory Automation Systems and Material Handling Equipment.

S.T.E. Manufacturing Sdn Bhd's Conveyor Systems can be classified into four main categories, namely:

Belt Conveyors

Portable. PCB Insertion, Slider bed, Straight Roller Bed, Curve (90°), Curve (180°), V-Trough Roller Bed, Three Trough Roller Bed, Cleated, Inclined,Mini, Sandwich, Rough Top, Heat Resistant, Corrugated Side Wall, Conductive, Anti-static, Chemical and etc.
Roller Conveyors
Omni Wheel, Gravity, Precision, Sprocket Driven, 90° and 180° Tapered Curve, 90° and 180° Gravity Curve, Skate Wheel, Ball Transfer Table, Accumulating Curve, Ploy Cord Driven Accumulating, Sprocket Driven Accumulating, Sprocket Driven and Zero-Pressure Accumulating, Belt Driven and etc.
Chain Conveyors
PCB Inserting, Tabletop, Free Flow (Triple Speed and Carrier), Apron, Slat, Carousel, Overhead, Standard, Stud Link, Scrape, Powered & Free, Double Pitch, Inverted and etc.
Screw Conveyor, Wire-Mesh Conveyor, Bucket Elevator, Inter-Floor Lifter, Direct Transfer Unit, Turn and Transfer Unit, Omni Wheel Transfer Unit, Auto Storage transfer System, Robotics, Pick and Place Unit, Material handling System, Ship Unloader, Stack Reclaimer, Bridge Reclaimer, Tripper, Continual Lifter, Scissors Lifting System, Sorting and Delivery System, Lift and Transfer Unit Pop-Up Unit, Free Turn Table 900 Auto Turntable, 80° Auto Turntable, PCB Auto Loader/Unloader, Drum Tilter (Vertical to Horizontal and Horizontal to Vertical), Diverter. Ageing Pallet and etc.

Mechanical Erection Works

Project Management Consultant and Constrution Services

S.T.E. Development Sdn Bhd is able to assist investors in the following areas :

Assistance in the Sourcing, Negotiating, Purchasing of Land & Property
Negotiation for Bank Financing
M & E Engineering Consultancy Services
Assistance in the Application of Licenses, e.g. LMW
Civil, Structural & Geotechnical Consultancy Services
Assistance in the Supply of Labour
Architectural Design & Consultancy Services
Secretarial Services
Water/Waste Water and Sewage Treatment Consultancy Services
ISO 9000 Consultancy Services
Factory Automation Facility and Conveyor Systems Facility Consultancy Services
3rd Party ISO 9000 Certification
Interior Design & Decoration Consultancy
Building Construction Services    

S.T.E. Development Sdn Bhd's panel of consulting engineers and architect (our associate companies) are:
EDP CONSULTANTS ---- Civil & Structural Engineeers
PROJECTS DESIGN & CONTRACT ASSOCIATES ---- Chartered Architect & Town Planner
GLOWTEC ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING PTE LTD ---- Water and Waste Water Sewage Treatment Facility
S.T.E Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.---- Factory Automation and Conveyor Systems Facility
*A listing of the major projects undertaken by our panel of consulting engineers, and
our associates be provided upon request.

S.T.E. Construction Sdn Bhd to take on construction activities for the group and thereby complement S.T.E. Development Sdn Bhd's consulting services.

S.T.E. Construction Sdn Bhd will also provide services in the following areas: -
Housing and Township Construction Services
Industrial Building Construction Services
Commercial Building Construction Services
Infrastructure Works, Road, Sewerage and Drainage Construction Services
Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants Construction Services
Sewerage Treatment Plants Construction Services
Labour Supply

Business Associate
S.T.E. is the agent of TOKYO CARRIER CO., LTD. in South East Asia. Tokyo Carrier Co., Ltd., a prominent establishment in Japan was established in 1966 as the pioneer for accomplishing the total production systems. Likewise they specialised designers and manufacturers of factory automation, various conveyor systems, material handling equipment for production, etc. Her market includes locally and overseas.

Tokyo Carrier Co., Ltd. projects are turnkey assembly line such as Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Air-conditioners, Televisions, Video Cassette Recorders, Copier Machines, TV Picture Tubes, Automobiles/Commercial Vehicles, Compressors, Motorcycles, Fully Automated Painting Plants, Printed Circuits Board (PCBs), Digital Technology, Fully Automated Packaging Systems, Fully Automated Storage Systems, Robotics Computer Controls & Software and Fully Automated Assembly Machines. To name a few of her many customers like the Hitachi Group, Sanyo, Sharp and Matsushita.

S.T.E. will be marketing the products of TOKYO CARRIER CO., LTD. in South East Asia region and to service her customers in Malaysia. Tokyo Carrier will support S.T.E. being an agent, by supplying special specification components, high tech (updated) design and exchange of technical and market development information.

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S.T.E. Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.
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